Floyd Cruz

By: Floyd Cruz

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Wednesday, Oct 25 2017 - Friday, Mar 16 2018
12:00 PM - 05:00 PM
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Floyd Cruz
Wednesday, Oct 25 2017 - Friday, Mar 16 2018 , 12:00 PM - 05:00 PM


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Looking good has become the goal of every persons most especially among women. Foundation is one out of several cosmetic products that is applied on the face to enhance your complexion, serves as a sun screen, covers skin blemishes and dark spot on the face. Some women are challenged when it comes to applying foundation the right way, this is good news for you. Below are steps on how to apply foundation as best as possible.

 Firstly, select the right kind of foundation shade that suit your skin colour and skin type. There are variety of skin type such as oily skin, dry skin or combination of both identify yours and buy the quality product of your foundation. As a guild to choosing the right shade, take a bit of the foundation apply at the back of your hand check under a bright light to see if it match your skin colour.

 Secondly, clean your face properly, using a face cleanser or face wipe to remove all dirt and oil from the surface of your face prior to your foundation application. Thus making your face receptive of what you're about applying.

Thirdly, you need to consider the fact that you would want the foundation to last for a long period of time after applied. The need to apply a face primer before foundation is expedient. Face premier is a cosmetic that serve as a base to help the foundation stick to your face giving a lasting look. Primer comes in gel form or powder form either ways apply with your finger or brush on your face while the magic happens afterwards, then you can begin applying your foundation.

Fourthly, Start with rubbing a small amount on your face using a foundation brush and spread on your face evenly. Paying attention to the center of your forehead, under the eyes, nose and chin. This are the areas the foundation needs to be concentrated on the most.

 In addition, blend your foundation such that there should not be any notable trace as to where your application start and end. Your foundation application should not look artificial, it is suppose to blend with your natural look to enhance your complexion. Blend also across your neckline, behind your ears and close to your hair.

 Take special consideration to areas where you have rashes, dark spot and circle, those areas need to be concealed with the foundation. Improving your facial appearance to be more beautiful and smooth.


  • ·         Do not apply the wrong foundation colour on your face.
  • ·         Do not apply foundation with the wrong makeup tool.
  • ·         Do not apply too much on your face you will look like a doll.
  • ·         Do not make us of your brush carelessly.
  • ·         Do not forget to blend your foundation evenly on your face.

In conclusion, foundation is the base for makeup application, ensure you follow the steps above as a guild in applying it correctly on your face for better look. Your face is the first point of attraction for any person, make it look beautiful always.