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Monday, Nov 27 2017 - Thursday, Feb 15 2018
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Monday, Nov 27 2017 - Thursday, Feb 15 2018 , 05:00 PM - 04:19 PM

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What Are the Advantages of Having a Wrought Iron Fences And Gate?

Fences and gates have been used from ancient times to keep intruders away – be it animals or people and thus they protect both the property and the inhabitants of the property. These also are used as a demarcation – to show the clear bifurcation of the property owned by the person and the one that is not.

What is wrought iron?

There are various materials used to create fences and gates. One of the most common materials is wrought iron fences and gates. This consists of iron of high purity and iron silicate. This can be compared to non-rustic glass which is inert and likes slag. These materials are mixed together but these are not joined chemically together and therefore this is not an alloy. The amount of slag ranges from 1% to 3% and this is mixed in the form of fibers which are tiny and which are around 200,000 per cross-section inch. It is due to the presence of slag that this material resists both rust and corrosion.

 There are a number of reasons as to why this material is used in spite of the fact that these wrought iron fences and gates are expensive, need maintenance and lacks privacy as compared to other materials.

Advantages of wrought iron gates and fences

a)     These fences and gates give a charm and elegance to the property. It also gives the property a very traditional look. It can be extremely simple like pickets and rails which have a speared top or it can be very ornamental and decorative. There are various kinds of patterned rails as well as different kinds of pointed tops with intricate as well as curved designs or elements which are highly decorative used with the pickets.

b)     These provide additional security as the pickets can be made to have sharp tops which prevent intruders from scaling the fence.

c)      These fences especially the properly installed ones are very sturdy and they are hard to tear down as well as to break through.

d)     These fences are very durable and therefore the long-term cost of these fences are considerably lower.

e)     These fences resist fatigue failure as well as corrosion as there are slag fibers which prevent corrosion by creating mechanical barriers. In fact, even if there is a small thin film covering the surface, it actually protects the metal which is beneath from getting corroded.

f)       This material can also be drawn out as well as hammered into thin sheets. Therefore, this can be used to make various shapes and so can be used for creating various ornamental shapes. There is the forging process which can be used to give the wrought iron a texture and so this is a preferred material to work with by blacksmiths. Due to the fact that it can also be welded and that too better and easier than mild steel, this is used for making intricate shapes and delicate patterns.


These are some reasons as to why fences and gates are made of wrought iron.




Wrought Iron Fence And Gate